How To: 5 Extremely Easy Ways to Convert a Word Document to a PDF File

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Monday, December 29, 2008

There have been times when we needed a PDF file to edit. So we have converted that to a word document with the help of hundreds of free software across the internet. But what if you need a word document to be converted to PDF? If you love to read through the computer screen then PDF is always the best option. So is it for print-outs. Here are 5 easy ways to let you convert a word document to a PDF file format.

1. Using Open Office

  1. Download OpenOffice from
  2. Install it to your computer.
  3. Open the Word document you want to convert.
  4. From the main menu select File > Export as PDF (There is also an export to PDF button right on the main taskbar.)
  5. Choose a filename for your PDF.
  6. Choose the options you want, or just hit save/ok.

2. Using Online Converter

  1. Go to ExpressPDF
  2. Click ‘browse’ and select the file on your computer.
  3. Click ‘Convert to PDF’ and wait for it to process.
  4. They will send the link to your PDF file to your e-mail inbox.
  5. There are also and You can try them too. But I chose it only because its fast, secure and more importantly supports upto 20 MB of file size to convert to PDF which others don’t.

3. Using Google Docs

  1. Backup your file
  2. Go to
  3. Click upload
  4. Click browse
  5. Select the file you would like to convert
  6. Click the upload button
  7. Under the file menu; on the far left, under the Google logo select save as PDF. Though there have been complaints that the saved file differs from the actual. The conversion is not centpercent error free.

4. Using Media Convert

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘browse’ and find the file you want to change to a PDF.
  3. Leave the input as auto detect.
  4. Go down to output and select PDF.
  5. Click Convert and wait for it to process.
  6. Download your freshly created PDF.

5. Use a Utility like PDF995

  1. There are 2 little files to download and install, a printer driver and the converter.
  2. Download from
  3. Save to your favorite downloads location, such as c:/downloads
  4. Double click on each zip file to uncompress and install
  5. To use it, you open any document, and choose PDF995 as the printer.
  6. So, in Word, do File> Print. then change the printer to PDF995.
  7. This will actually print to a file, so choose the save location.

So here are 5 extremely easy ways to convert a doc to a PDF. Did you like it? Do you have more to share? Please feel free to do so.


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printing web site articles using PDF995, get error messages, will not print. no help from PDF995 or MS

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