How To Download DragonBall Z Episodes + Cartoon Network Rant

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Friday, June 29, 2007

Today, 29th June, CN aired the last episode of DragonBall Z. It will start looping again from the beginning from 2nd July. Forget about Frieza saga, Goku turning SSJ, not to mention Cell or Buu saga. Cartoon Network India, by even the most lenient standards, is sick.

I am now officially over Cartoon Network. It is the only TV channel where now 100% of the programs suck. Even sappy soaps are better than CN. I would rather watch a rerun of Seinfeld or Friends or even Cheers.

You may want to let them know your feelings via snail mail at:

S-2 Level, Block F
International Trade Tower
Nehru Place
New Delhi - 110019


Empire Mills Compound
Ground Floor
414, Senapati Bapat Marg
Lower Parel
Mumbai 400 013

I guess they get too many hate mails as it is to even have a web form to solicit feedback.

You can however give feedback in Cartoon Network original site (US) here.

Animax is much better for animation lovers. However even it has periodic reruns. I am tired of watching Yu Yu Hakusho / Spirit Detective, Flame of Recca, Inu Yasha, Full Metal Alchemist, The Law of Ueki etc.

You can download DragonBall Z episodes here. I am not sure about the legality of this site. IANAL. Use at your own risk.

DragonBall Z, even DragonBall almost always is a breath of fresh air even today.


July 29, 2010: 9:46 am

Please anyone tell me how to download dbz episode.

June 2, 2010: 9:28 am

Can Anyone tell me from where can i download Di-Gata Defenders Episodes??
Please Send Me Its Download Links.
My Email ID

January 3, 2010: 3:44 am

i want to say that why cartoon network team are stop the transformation of DBZ episodes.
I like to watch dragon ball-z but every time when we interest in this they stop this.
Please do’nt stop this again.

December 15, 2009: 3:11 am


faizan sk
December 10, 2009: 11:12 pm

Dragon ball z episodes are at a tip to get over after kid buu saga.

Watch Dragonball
September 22, 2009: 11:29 am

omg this is a great link…thanks so mcuh

August 14, 2009: 1:03 pm

i would like to knw if anyone knows of a website where you can DOWNLOAD cartoon episodes for free without having to wait long hours for it to do so…….

nuli anoop
July 28, 2009: 2:47 pm

hi my name is anoop this site is very nice where as we cannot watch dragon ball z episodes in any language

July 25, 2009: 8:36 am

yar me toh presan ho gaya itni der ho gaye dbz ke episodes download hote hi nahi .agar mere t.v par cartoon network hota toh iski grurat toh padti hi nahi.vo hamne kable nahi dish laga rakhi hai na.mera bhai,mom ye cn lagvate hi nahi.kyon ki us time meri sis ka serial aata hai aur vo mughe dekhne nahi dengi.please dragonbal z ka time pehle gasa kar do please……………

July 13, 2009: 6:03 pm

how can i download dragon ball z episodes

in hindi

July 4, 2009: 2:41 pm

Dargon ball z is the best but like buu”s fury

June 29, 2009: 5:52 pm

Hey guys does anybody know where can I download DBZ japanese version with english subtitles, ’cause I can’t watch it in english, pls!

June 26, 2009: 8:01 pm

Hey if anyone wants to see any episode of dragon balls,Z,GT just download real player 10 and download any videos that you like.I think if you want majin buu saga go to youtube and there is a person called DBZnewstyle who has downloaded remastered episodes of Dragon ball Z and in high quality.And the thing is I know to make a DVD myself.And i to know to download the high quality version using another software.So it seems exactly like real DVDs and instead I watch all DBZ episodes in the net but I make DVDs just for my friends.And you all should watch naruto because it is in the 3rd rank and dragon ball Z is in the sixth rank.Allthough I love DBZ.My friends too are very fond of Dragon ball Z

June 17, 2009: 1:51 am

O is now as easy to download as it to buy its dvd.But dvd will cost you more and will not assure you the best of the quality but here you will get both.

April 22, 2009: 2:39 pm


April 8, 2009: 1:44 am

Yeh, I really dont know why cartoon network do this.

But anyway, Dragonball Kai is co ming now, So maybe they will put this back on cartoon network

April 6, 2009: 7:21 pm


March 31, 2009: 4:49 am

hi yaar! how 2 download dragon ball movies or episodes
i am trying my best but couldnot if u hav any other
source let me know 2 plz

March 17, 2009: 2:19 pm

Hi guys ! i am sami from pakistan and i am also the bigger fan of dbz series especially i like cell and majin buu saga but now a days cartoon network is again started the showing of perfect cell saga instead of majin buu saga. They have finished looping of great saiyamen saga , world tournament saga and babidi saga three times . But cartoon network sucks bcoz it started looping again .

March 1, 2009: 2:17 pm

how can i download dragon ball z episodes

February 9, 2009: 8:48 pm

all episdoe download in english

rishu verma
February 8, 2009: 12:15 am

Enjoy the full Dragonball Z Episodes in direct downloads, all these episodes are in the English. For this anime you would need to have Real Player, AVI, or Divx media programs in order to watch it. Enjoy your number one anime series, if there are any questions do feel free to contact us anytime and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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January 19, 2009: 11:25 pm

hey can you please send me a link for DBZ 3gp downloads..i’m using a dial up connection and downloads take much long time…i’m a great fan of the z if you get one plz send me the link (i need it in 3gp format..plz)

January 4, 2009: 3:10 pm

salut je veut télécharger des épisodes de dragon ball z

December 27, 2008: 2:06 am

want laughter see dragonball z in tamil hhahahhahhahahahahhahah lol .

December 17, 2008: 10:15 am

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December 6, 2008: 12:22 pm

i would like to download the naruto cartoon which used to be telecasted n cn.if anyone knows can u plz tel me which site to find .

Cartoon lover
November 27, 2008: 1:08 am

Can anybody tell me from where I can download the pokemon and beyblade epissodes
Email me on my email address plzz.. plzz.. Plzz..

October 23, 2008: 8:18 am

you can download remastered dbz episodes from

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