How to Get Free WordPress.Com Account (for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari… Users)

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Sunday, October 23, 2005

WordPress.Com is a commercial venture from the authors of popular weblogging software - WordPress.

They provide free weblog to selected individuals based on God-knows-what criteria. On their website they ask you for some mysterious invitation code to be a blogger.
WordPress.Com Website

Recently however they opened up, possibly due to some marketing arrangement, and provides free Weblog account to Flock users.
Note: Flock is a new browser based on Mozilla code. More on it later.

So if you are a non-Flock browser user (like FireFox or Internet Explorer or Safari) then you can either download and install Flock for the sole purpose of getting an account or follow the steps below to get an account.

There is yet another option. You can share your email with them and hope sometime in next 100 years you will get an invite. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. As I experienced they never arrive.

WordPress.Com Free Invite

Simplified Instructions for Flock Users
In Flock if you open the page - then you will be provided an option to choose an username and blog title for your new blog account. The password is sent to the email address you provide.

Instructions for Firefox Users
First download and install User Agent Switcher Extension. The XPI file here.

Restart your browser.

Go to Tools->User Agent Switcher->Options->Options menu.

Click User Agents and then click Add.

In the description field enter: Flock
In the User Agent field enter: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.8b5) Gecko/20051021 Flock/0.4 Firefox/1.0+

Ensure that the user string specified is entered as-it-is without any modifications.

Then select Flock after accessing Tools->User Agent Switcher

Now load

Fill in the details as specified in the simplified instructions for Flock users above.

Instructions for non-Firefox & non-Flock Users
Use any extension / proxy server / web client like wget that allows you to change your user agent. Change it to the string as specified above.

Now load

Fill in the details as specified in the simplified instructions for Flock users above.

Note: I have grown tired of these user agent based preferential treatment as is widely practiced by Microsoft and now by I am providing this information for the sole purpose of exposing the futility of such schemes. Personally I haven’t opened an account with

BTW: Google does it too to limit access to several of its services to browsers only. My WordPress translator plugin overcomes one such restriction in Google Translation service using cURL.

December 24, 2009: 5:25 am

may i exchange link with u..??

nice post :)….

December 24, 2009: 5:24 am

may i exchange link with u..??

nice post :)

May 23, 2008: 7:33 pm

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April 25, 2008: 6:14 pm

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June 2, 2006: 8:41 pm

[...] Update: Or you can just fake like you’re using Flock to get an invite. (via) [...]

November 21, 2005: 12:23 pm

[...] has finally opened for free signup by everyone. You no longer have to be a privileged invitee or a Flock user or use my hack to get an invotation. It is free as in Blogger. [...]

November 8, 2005: 9:22 pm

hi angsuman,

thank you. i got an account and I did install flock. So far, using it like a FireFox clone except I have chosen to continue with the default search engine — yahoo. Yahoo search seems to have improved quite a bit.

(hopefully soon, there will be a Yahoo Search Hacks from OReilly!)

November 2, 2005: 8:39 pm

[...] I just wanted to see whether cheating my way to an invite would work. [...]

November 1, 2005: 1:07 am

I am happy to mention Flock (see I have done it again). In fact I have been using it for couple of weeks along with Firefox.

I will post a review soon comparing Firefox with Flock, the new sibling.

October 31, 2005: 10:11 pm

Hopefully at least a few of your readers will be intrigued by your mention of Flock and actually try the browser out. :) It integrates pretty nicely with wordpress blogs and provides some drag/drop functionality that, for me, at least, makes blogging a lot less painful. Of course, has some of this built in, and I hear there are already wordpress plugins (for wordpress users) that emulate some of our functionality. In any case, we appreciate the mention.

October 28, 2005: 12:27 pm

Kostenfreies - Weblog ohne Einladung

Blogger müssen nicht unbedingt auf eine Einladung warten. Mit etwas Fleiß und einem kleinen Umweg kommt jeder bereits heute dank Flock an sein Weblog bei Bereit vor einige Zeit hatte ich hier über geschrieb…

October 27, 2005: 10:59 am is only take a keyword “Flock” from user agent header. See my instruction here. You don’t have to install user agent switcher extensions. You can find that configuration by typing about:config on adress bar and change it.

October 27, 2005: 2:45 am

[...] Thanks to a fellow “netizen” Edrie who alerted me that I do not have to be “enslaved” by Flock now I am free and am posting this using Firefox.Here’s some Help if you need it. [...]

October 26, 2005: 12:32 am

nice trick, this works :)

October 26, 2005: 12:26 am

[...] Dan ini ada sedikit tambahan, cara mendapatkan free account di dengan firefox browser, internet explorer, Opera dan Safari.   [...]

October 24, 2005: 7:43 pm

So maybe they have some mystical criteria to which I didn’t fit :)

October 24, 2005: 2:01 pm

Interesting post.

You can share your email with them and hope sometime in next 100 years you will get an invite. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. As I experienced they never arrive.

Will disagree with this however, as I got my account only because of entering my email there. And I entered another email by mistake and got an invite there as well, which I gave a friend.

So basically, this works :)

October 24, 2005: 9:41 am

[...] Angsuman explains how to get a free account without having to install Flock (or getting an invite). For Firefox users, it’s a matter of installing the User Agent Switcher Extension, pasting a User String, then selecting it as your User Agent as you browse to the Flock URL. Nifty! [...]

October 24, 2005: 1:09 am

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