Top 10 Green iPhone Apps

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, February 13, 2009

There’s a larger section of intelligentsia arguing whether technology could be more green. It’s high time to believe Algore’s predictions in An Inconvenient Truth and get back to the greener pastures. How about the Green Apple in your pocket. Well, I’m talking about the iPhone. Wouldn’t you like the sophisticated Apple iPhone to adopt to a greener attitude for the cause of a green-world. Let’s see how these green iPhone apps could help you to lead a eco-friendly lifestyle.

Here are top 10 green iPhone app I sorted out for you

1. A Real Tree

Interesting app! I must exclaim. Markedly different those iPhone, A real Tree is something quite practical for earth. By purchasing the app you contribute to the reforestation of different countries around the globe. Literally, its not a great app showcasing a virtual tree with trivial movements. You can blow the wind to see it blossom or get the birds fly out from the branches. Given this, you can’t ignore it’s meant for a greater cause. Actually A Real Tree contributes towards the education on reforestation throughout the world.

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2. Carbon Tracker

The companies requesting employees for alternative transportation to work would surely be overwelmed with this green iPhone app. It’s a GPS-enabled carbon footprint application that allows the users to calculate the carbon footprint from daily commuting, business trips or vacations. Further the users can also fix goals for maximum emission in a month and monitor their progress.

This green iPhone app is available for free download at iPhone App store.

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3. The Green Lemur

With so many iPhone apps with green tips, the Green Lemur stands out from the rest of the pack for it’s well organized tips and trivia.  It’s only easy to navigate. Further you can browse the topic using search  keyword or just ask for the tip of the day. Most of these tips seem familiar with the green scene. For instance you get tips for using cards made from recycled paper or an advice to buy ebooks instead of paperbooks. On the greener side you have the tips for planting deciduous trees to keep your house cool.

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4. GreenMeter

It’s an app to track your cars fuel and power usage characteristics. Not just this it also helps to determine how you’ll maximize the efficiency. Changes in your driving habits can help to cut cost, consumption, and carbon footprint.

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5. Carcare

Again its another of fuel efficiency apps to have on your iPhone. It takes care of your car’s maintenance requirements, and presents all your data in an easy way. By monitoring the fuel efficiency and maintenance on you iPhone, the carcare ensures your car is greener than ever.

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6. 3rdWhale Mobile

This one is a location-based green iPhone app that connects you to the best green businesses in your area. It offers you 6 categories of search. You always have a choice whether traveling by car, foot, or bicycle, rate and review, and get directions. One of easiest and quickest  way to know what’s around you.

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7. Get Green

With Get green you receive a green tip everyday. It’s a simple date based system that offers a you a green tip per day. I must say it has some of the best eco-tips you could ever get.

To spread these green messages you can email the tip to your friend.

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8. Go Green Free

It’s meant for those who evaluate situations according to facts and figures. This green iPhone app has interesting stats that’ll surely drop jaws. For instance one of it’s stats read - eliminate 2 pounds of CO2 by washing your clothes in cold water.

Still the Go Green Free isn’t complete all of its stats lacks attribution. It’s difficult to determine how true these stats are.

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9. Good guide

This one is not about the green tips rather it assists you in making greener  decisions when you are on-the-move. It’s essentially the mobile version of Good Guide website that rates and recommends several natural green and sustainable products. The idea seems to help the consumers to take better decision when using the dollars to support the environment.

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10. ECOcal

It basically a calender that shows what’s going on in nature at a particular time in a year. That’s an attempt to shift you focus to the ecosystem. What more, you have fine illustrations and cool facts about flora and fauna. There’s lot of information about the phases of the moon, stars and life on earth waiting for your finger tap.

The cool app is expected to roll out this year before the holidays hit.

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You have a greener iPhone to help you and people around you.

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November 22, 2009: 7:54 am

Thanks for sharing and for sure there is still a lot to do to achieve sustainable development. Commute Greener! is just released on iPhone as a way to step up for positive climate change. itunes/apps/commutegreener

The possibility to set targets, see the progress and share experiences can help to alter habits and even make the daily commute exciting and more valuable for health, wallet and planet

Take a small step and together a large change can be the result

April 23, 2009: 11:21 pm

[...] iPhone and other handheld devices place an increasing number of life-greening tools in your hands. iPhone apps available via iTunes include those for measuring a car’s fuel efficiency or for figuring out [...]

April 22, 2009: 8:46 am

[...] iPhone and other handheld devices place an increasing number of life-greening tools in your hands. iPhone apps available via iTunes include those for measuring a car’s fuel efficiency or for figuring out [...]

April 22, 2009: 7:54 am

[...] iPhone and other handheld devices place an increasing number of life-greening tools in your hands. iPhone apps available via iTunes include those for measuring a car’s fuel efficiency or for figuring out [...]

March 12, 2009: 7:35 pm


I think we have the GREENEST app out there! It’s called MeterRead ($2.99) and it allows users to easily read their electric meter (dial or digital) and most importantly it provides detailed feedback after each reading including an estimated 30/day kW-h usage.

Studies show that motivated people who monitor their electric use save 10-20% on their electric bills!

No more surprise energy bills!

See exactly how much energy you are going to use for the month at your current pace.

Now supports Day/Night meters, digital, multiple meters and more.

Gas and water reads coming soon!

February 16, 2009: 10:37 am

The link for the carbon tracker app seems broken, interesting list. I’d also add the Seafood Watch app from the folks at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. It gives tips on seafood buying based on sustainability of different species. I believe it’s primarily geared towards the US, but the information on species can be informative to other regions of the globe I’m sure.

February 14, 2009: 3:37 pm

Like your initiative why don’t you extend it to Panama via

February 13, 2009: 7:33 pm

Thanks for covering our A Real Tree application. We really appreciate it.

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