WordPress Plugin to Automatically add Copyright Message to your RSS / ATOM Feeds - Angsuman’s Feed Copyrighter Plugin

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, June 28, 2005


  1. Overview
  2. Background
  3. Technical Details
  4. Download
  5. Installation
  6. Configuration and Usage
  7. Uninstallation


This plugin adds a copyright message to your feed items. No customization is required. This acts as a deterrant to feed-stealers (you heard the word first here) who unscrupulously and blatantly displays your full feed contents (often with their own advertisements) in their site(s) without your permission.

It doesn’t affect when only excerpts are shown nor it adds anything to the feeds when you decide to publish only article summary in your feeds.

Angsuman’s Feed Copyrighter Plugin for WordPress 1.5 and above is of the class of upload-activate-and-forget Plugins (like WordPress 1.5 Plugin to disable nofollow from comments or WordPress Referrer Bouncer Plugin to bounce referrer spammer bots), Plugins that simply work.

Note: Please refer to WordPress Plugins (Free) Developed and Supported by Taragana.Com for a comprehensive list of all the plugins we have developed and provide for free. Any new plugin development requests (or enhancement requests) should also be indicated there as comments.

Update: This plugin has also been tested on WordPress 2.3.x.

One of the best ways to prevent plagiarism of your work is to clearly mark it as yours. Covered previously on this site, the Feed Copyrighter Plugin is a simple plugin does exactly that.

It is a simple plugin that adds a short copyright notice to the footer of each feed entry. By default, this notice warns users that, if they are reading the content on any site other than the original, the person is guilty of copyright infringement. However, the plugin can be trivially modified, even by a non-coder like myself, to say just about anything else, including express a Creative Commons License.

This plugin is also completely combatable with Feedburner and most other feed plugins. All in all it is a simple install and simple set up that can work wonders for your feed.

- PlagiarismToday


Recently there has been lots of web based aggregator sites. Some of them like diabetologica blatantly displays the full content from the feed. So now you work hard to create your content and unscrupulous aggregators like diabetologica reap the benefits by displaying them along with their own advertisements. If that doesn’t sound fair to you, then this plugin is for you. Others have also expressed concern over this issue.

In my article - How to Protect your RSS Feeds from Unscrupulous Aggregator’s I have essentially proposed the solution which I now incorporate as a WordPress plugin.

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This plugin is also completely combatable with Feedburner and most other feed plugins.

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