60% Enterprise may Reject Windows for Chrome OS: Google
It is become pretty clear by now that Google will not be able to launch stable version of Chrome OS this year.
Apple iOS and Android Operating System to Dominate the Market
According to Juniper's latest report, the sale of Tablet device will reach at 81 million by 2015 because more and more electronics players and handset manufacturers will get into the market.
Big Name Firms Get Together to Promote Cloud Alliance
70 big firms like BMW, Shell and Marriott Hotels met together and said that cloud computing can not be implemented in full swing unless major firms work together.
Users are More Prone to Smartphone than Computer or TVs
The following story is an excerpt published by Our Mobile Lives, CNN series. According to the series, more and more smartphone users are ditching their desktops, laptops and even their TVs, and looking for mobile devices to satisfy all their basic technological needs.
Sony Renews Plans for Building Tablets to Take on Apple iPad Market
With Microsoft's HP Slate in the line, electronics major Sony is considering to pose a new challenge to Apple's iPad.
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