A Detailed Review on a Feature-ful Time Tracker - Rachota 2.2

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, December 3, 2008

After giving a detailed review of 10 online time trackers, I came across a really handy and feature-ful application of the same kind, Rachota 2.2. It has some very nice features. Let me highlight them.

1. Plan and Prioritize your Task

Suppose you have some fixed things to do every day in the office. Like say, meet the boss, collect some files from library or etc, then you can choose to add the task and get notified daily at a specific time. You can even prioritize it. If you set high priority then Rachota will make sure that you don’t overlook that. Its very useful.

2. Work your plan

If you want to start working on a task, highlight it and click the Select   button. This will set the task as current. Once you click the Work button, Rachota will start measuring time you spent on this task. The same can be achieved by double clicking the task item itself.
If you need a break, click the Relax button to temporarily suspend measuring the time. When you finish a task, click the Done button.

3. Analyze your time data

Most likely you will want to use Rachota to generate reports that display your time data. To do this, switch to History tab and select the period of time you are interested in.
If you are curious about either working hours or times when you worked in the past, switch to the Times tab. Rachota provides three types of graphs and allows you to highlight tasks based on certain criterion.

4. Generate Report

If you need to generate an HTML report for off-line usage, click the  Generate report button. You will be asked to specify a file name and provide a short report description. The report will contain the selected chart, applied filters, and selected tasks. This is very helpful if you want to see your progress with respect to time and understand if you are progressing.

5. Get a Full Project View

In order to see a breakdown of tasks by projects, switch to the Projects tab. This is where you can inspect your projects in terms of their time share, tasks, state or priority.

6. Compare Yourself

Rachota can also analyze your data, compare them with other users and provide you with useful suggestions to better use your time in the future. To use this feature, you will have to switch to  Analytics view.

7. Documentation

The software is fully documented and you won’t have any problem in using or knowing about all the features.

To know more about installation procedures, consult the FAQ section. and to download it to your computer, click here

[content & image source: rachota.sourceforge.net]

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