Brits are world’s biggest Facebook fans

Thursday, March 12, 2009

LONDON - Brits take home the trophy for being the biggest fans of the social networking giant Facebook with more than two thirds logging on as members, reveals a new study.

According to analysts Nielsen, an astonishing 47 per cent had joined the free-access website, as one in every six minutes was spent online on a social network site.

While Britain placed itself at the sixth spot amongst the biggest users of social networks in all, 80 per cent of people in Brazil boasted of being members of social networking websites.

The study found, users, mostly between 35 to 49-year-olds, logged on to find lost contacts such as those in school or workplace.

“Social networking has become a fundamental part of the global online experience,” the Sun quoted Nielson chief executive John Burbank as saying.

“Social networking will continue to alter not just the global online landscape, but the consumer experience at large,” he added.

The report’s author Alex Burmaster added: “Social networking isn’t just growing rapidly, it’s evolving - both in terms of a broader audience and compelling new functionality.”

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