Enterprise Ready to Go For Cloud Email: Forrester

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Thursday, August 19, 2010

cloud338 According to Forrester chief analyst, Ted Schadler,¬† the cloud computing email is supposed to take centerstage down the road because enterprises are rethinking their cloud strategy. Google and Microsoft are going to be the chief beneficiaries. Schadler further commented how the introduction of cloud email is going to change the enterprises’ spending on email. He continued that Cloud-based email will be a lot cheaper unless you’re a 50,000-person company with a highly centralised email platform or you run hardware and software until it’s old and outdated. He continued that Microsoft is the dominant player in the email market while Google made the boldest move into the cloud. Additionally, IBM and Cisco are coming up heavily as cloud providers.

But if anybody asks the question which company will dominate the market, the answer is not not going to be straight. If four major companies offer similarly priced services, the level of integration that they offer will be the real differentiators among them. It could be an attractive market for vendors, not only for email itself but for the other services that can built on top of the mail offering. As per his estimate, for every dollar you spend on cloud email, you’ll end up spending $3 to $10 on other cloud collaboration and communications services.

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