I’m Feeling Lucky With Google Gravity

By Shaon, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A quick update on an easter egg that has been discovered about Google’s Home Page. When any one types in Google Gravity on the search bar and clicks on the Im Feeling Lucky button a remastered version of the home page appears. Ricardo Cabello the person behind this is one happy man tonight after all the publicity his frankly ingenious work is getting.
Once a mouse is taken across the screen each and every component of the Google home page falls down and the components become free to move about. Well the reason behind this strange phenomenon is that a site called mrdoob.com which forks extensively on image manipulation on a browser has decided to publish this project. He has also been kind enough to release the source code of the place. If you want to see what its about follow these steps

1. Type “Google Gravity” (without quotes”) in the search bar of the Google.com page

2.click on I’m Felling Lucky

3. move your mouse.

The entire source code of the project may be found here

The main page is this

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