RealPLayer Public Beta features Conversion, Social Networking and More

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, June 25, 2009

real_logoFor long RealPlayer had been the only tool that could play passport-sized videos on your PC or mobile. Now Real Network’s software is not the only one, but competing with the other media players such as the QuickTime. However, RealNetworks is keeping up with the pace. The last version of free RealPlayer SP acquired the ability to rip streaming Flash videos, such as that from YouTube, to save on your hard drive. For the latest, the RealPlayer SP version 12 was released as public beta Today. The new player allows you to transcode the videos into appropriate formats for playback on portable devices. For those using iPod or iPhone, the media player can generously enter the transcoded version into your iTunes Library.

Let’s take a look at the new features

Great For Bing Videos

One of the best features in Microsoft’s search engine Bing is the video search. Well, that doesn’t mean Google video search is any lesser. But Bing shows you a part of the video right in the search results. Using the RealPlayer with Bing can be a great combination. Once you install the RealPlayer, it automatically adds a small pop-up message to any embedded video in the browser that asks you whether you wanna download the video. It might take a few minutes to convert the videos to your requested format. Well, for the long videos it might last half-an-hour. You pick the reunited Pink Floyd’s entire Live 8 performance through Bing into iTunes.

video-to-audio transcoder

Whew! The video-to-audio transcoder is an exceptional feature with this RealPlayer. You might accomplish transcoding video to audio files in a jiffy without any hassles.

Social networking

What’s more, RealPlayer SP beta now offers the ability to share video through social networking sites such as Facebook. Well, the social networking thing is just a myth, as its just about posting the link to the video on its original site. Certainly, you have various other ways to do that.

How to convert the videos for your portable device?

The real part is converting the videos. This is how you can convert the videos to an appropriate format to play it on your portable device.  What you do is click on a title in your video library (it might be a streaming video you saved with RealPlayer downloaded content form other sources). Hit the Convert to button. Now you are offered the list of devices that includes various Windows Mobile handsets, iPod/iPhone,  BlackBerrys, the T-Mobile Sidekick, the Nokia E71x and the Sony PSP.

RealNetworks need all applause for this commendable piece of job.

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