URL Shortening Days are Over: Share Multiple Links With One Short URL

By Chandrajit, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NEW YORK (GaeaTimes.com) — With the need of short status updates URL shorteners have gained their priority on the web. But, one must agree that today there are too many URL shorteners. You must be using any of the best URL shorteners like Bit.ly or Pi.vu. But, when you need to share multiple links you might want something else. BridgeURL has come up with a nice solution. It does the simple task of shortening many links into one URL and producing a slideshow of URLs to the visitor.

The value proposition of BridgeURL is much more as compared to others. Although its true that you might not need BridgeURL to share one link but when the number is more, its BridgeURL for sure. The interface just lets you input multiple URLs and with one click on “Create Link” your short URL is ready to be used on various social networks. Although, some websites like Facebook and Paypal have discouraged its usage but almost all others like Orkut, Myspace and Twitter have allowed the use of BridgeURLs.

So, next time you share a series of your photos or content be sure to have BridgeURL at your aid.

January 10, 2011: 5:40 am

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