Windows Mobile 6.5 OS Demo

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, August 4, 2009

windows-mobile-651A Twitter message by posted by Microsoft developers a month back leaked that Windows Mobile 6.5 is DONE and was a far better version than the 6.1 version. We came across an exclusive footage of that latest Windows Phone operating system running on a touch screen HTC Touch Diamond2 released in The demo offers the remote insight into the redesigning of the complete OS user interface and its Zune-esque look and feel. Let’s dig into the new features loaded in Windows Mobile 6.5.


For the first time Microsoft has released a new 24-bit menu icon to be used for accessing all of the Windows applications. The icons replace the standard folder view seen after pressing the Star Button.

Market Place

Microsoft’s App iTunes store alternative market place is demonstrated as Windows Phone. It’s an online software application repository for the Windows Phone.

My Phone synchronisation

Another exclusive addition to the Windows Phone is MyPhone synchronization feature, which allows the mobiles content to be backed-up to the cloud via the Windows Live Account. In case the mobile phone is lost or stolen, My Phone PC client software can remotely wipe the information in the handset and allow the user to download all the SMS, emails and contacts to a replacement mobile.

What’s missing?

The Windows Phone lacks one of the most used features in iPhone the multi-touch pinch to zoom in and out. It would not appear until the next Windows Phone OS release.

Windows Phone OS is speculated to arrive before Christmas most probably sometime near Windows 7 operating system release for PCs on October 22.

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