NEW YORK - The next time you snap a digital photo and post it to Facebook, you can probably thank the three men who won the Nobel Prize in physics Tuesday.
Microsoft Windows 7 Touchpack Application Guide
Few of you are aware of the Windows Touch, the multi-touch capabilities in-built into the DNA of Windows 7.
WolframAlpha review: Too specific and too technical - will it make us dumber?
When a free Web service called WolframAlpha launches in the coming days, the general public will get to try a "computational knowledge engine" that has had technology insiders buzzing because of its oracle-like ability to spit out answers and make calculations.
Top 10 Features of Fedora 11 Leonidas
After reviewing the whole line-up of operating systems, namely Fedora 10, Windows 7, Ubuntu 8.10 and Open suse 11.1 last year, we started doing our bits of researches with Windows 8 and Ubuntu 9.10 overview recently.
Latest Supersonic Scramjets are now guidable, controllable (and hackable?) by software
WASHINGTON - Engineers at the Ohio State University, US, have designed control system software that can effectively guide a hypersonic experimental "scramjet", which is faster than the speed of sound.
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