Apple TV: Apple Plans to Launch Low-Cost Web TV Service with 25 Channels in September
Apple Inc. plans to build an online television service are coming into sharper focus.
Sony Remix Project Re-Imagining Bob Dylan
Sony is presenting the users with a chance to remix a loved Bob Dylan Classic "Subterranean Homesick Blues".

WASHINGTON - Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was Wednesday named Time magazine's "2010 Person of the Year" "for connecting more than half a billion people and mapping the social relations among them" by starting the world's largest social-networking site in 2004.
Oracle and Apple Make OpenJDK Project Available for Mac OSX
REDWOOD SHORES, CALIFORNIA ( -- The long discussion that went on for some time between Oracle and Apple is now going to take a shape.
Google Latitude app now available for Apple’s iPhone
After 22 months since its announcement in February 2009, Google Latitude application is made available for iPhone.
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