Google House Ads Under Fire for Conflicting Interests
Google seems to be going through a bad patch after loosing its search market shares to Yahoo and now its under fire for its policy of publishing house ads on its search engine results page.
Rosetta Stone loses court case against Google
ARLINGTON, Va. - Foreign language education company Rosetta Stone Inc.
China without Google: 'a lose-lose scenario'
BEIJING - China without Google - a prospect that looks increasingly likely - could mean no more maps on mobile phones.

Why Open Source Business Models Are Dead-End Streets And GigaOM (Sebastian Rupley) is Wrong I was reading GigaOM's article (linked above) and it espouses the same age-old regurgitated wisdom about viable open-source business models: Open-Source business model can survive by focusing on service (RedHat) or as a loss-leader (Android by Google) for promoting its more profitable ventures.

BRUSSELS - A European Union court advisor said Tuesday that Google Inc.
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