Review of MogileFS- Distributed File System
MogifileFS is an open source distributed file system.

WordPress nice permalinks is a way to create search-engine-friendly url's for WordPress posts and pages.
How to Run PHP in JSP/JAVA
With Apache Tomcat developers can enable PHP only in one web application and run it globally for all applications under tomcat.

One of the frequently complained problems while using nginx or lighttpd, two popular and rapidly growing web servers which are faster and lighter alternatives to big daddy Apache web server, with php (through fastcgi interface) is that the pool of php-cgi which ultimately serves the php pages seems to hang frequently and without any apparent reasons.

DooxCMS 3.0 is a flexible Web 2.0 Content Management System which was built with PHP Script and Ajax framework. It can be used to create from simple website to large corporate website.
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