Free WordPress Plugin To Disable wlw_manifest & EditURI Link From WordPress Blog Header

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Sunday, June 29, 2008

Newer versions of WordPress (2.3.1 and above) adds two extra lines to your blog header. They are:

You need them to use Windows Live Writer to write to your WordPress blog. However many, like me, do not use Windows Live Writer. For them such headers are simply junk and add to the size of their pages (and download time) without adding any value to them or to their users. For such bloggers (majority I presume) here is a simple WordPress plugin (Angsuman’s Windows Live Manifest Remover WordPress plugin) which removes these two header links from your WordPress blog.

Download Angsuman’s Windows Live Header Remover Plugin, rename the file to angsumans-windows-live-header-remover.php, upload it to wp-content/plugins folder of your blog and activate it from Plugin Management screen. It requires zero configuration. It does one thing and does it well - remove these two useless headers from your WordPress blog.

Technical Note: There is a similar WordPress plugin which does the same thing. This plugin works differently in that it doesn’t add the code directly to the plugin body but to the ‘init’ hook. This ensures that this plugin will remain compatible with future versions of WordPress as it doesn’t depend on the relative order of execution of the plugins versus the default WordPress filters. Sounds complicated? To put it simply - Install the plugin and then forget about it forever. It will continue to serve you (your blog) in the background for a very long time.

You can get more free WordPress plugins here.


February 9, 2010: 7:10 pm

Why not just go into the wp-includes/general-template file and comment out the:

* Display the link to the Really Simple Discovery service endpoint.
* @link
* @since 2.0.0
function rsd_link() {
echo ‘\n”;

* Display the link to the Windows Live Writer manifest file.
* @link
* @since 2.3.1
function wlwmanifest_link() {
echo ‘ ‘ . “\n”;

February 13, 2009: 2:09 pm

Very useful. I was already wondering why this appeared in the code . So its Windows Live writer.

Would be better that Wordpress would intregrate a option to disable this.

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