Top 5 Midrange Processors for Home Computing
Both Intel and AMD invested heavily in new architecture of low cost computing.
Intel to Unveil new Chipset, Sandy Bridge Next Week
Intel will launch its new chipset, codenamed Sandy Bridge with built-in graphics at its Developer Forum conference in San Francisco next week.
Intel to Launch New Desktop Processors with Lower Prices
The exciting news is the new six-core Core i7-970, which Intel is going to sell for $885 sometime this month.Additionally, there's a big price cut for the Core i7-950 which is supposed to be launched in August - from $562 to $294.

There were always a tug-of-war between AMD and Intel as it will always remain.
Intel Warns AMD on Legal Terms about GlobalFoundries $4.2 Billion Project
Intel and AMD may well be breaking off permanently and never see each other again.
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