CANBERRA - Australia's top electronic spy unit has warned that the country's military networks are under siege from soaring levels of cyber strikes by foreign intelligence agencies.

CANBERRA, Australia - Australia is working with the United States to investigate WikiLeak's publication of thousands of secret Afghan war documents but has not been asked to act against the website's Australian founder, the foreign minister said Thursday.

CANBERRA, Australia - The government and Australia's largest telecommunications company announced a deal Sunday that clears a major hurdle to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's plans for a superfast national broadband network.

CANBERRA, Australia - A 16-year-old California girl who was feared lost at sea while sailing solo around the world has been found alive and well, adrift in the southern Indian Ocean as rescue boats head toward her damaged yacht, officials said.

CANBERRA - A hate group on Facebook, asking immigrants to get out of Australia, has embroiled dozens of Australian elite schools in a racism scandal as thousands of their students have joined it.
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