Computer Networking Technology

FCC to open up vacant TV airwaves for broadband
WASHINGTON - A new flavor of Wi-Fi, with longer range and wall-piercing power, could show up in wireless gadgets a year from now if the Federal Communications Commission works out the last details of new spectrum rules that have been long in the making.
China sets up new battle over computer security
BEIJING - China has ordered its banks and other major companies to limit use of foreign computer security technology, setting up a possible trade clash with the United States and Europe while adding to strains over high-tech secrecy as some nations threaten to curtail BlackBerry service.
Intel to buy TI cable modem chip business
SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Intel says it's buying a Texas Instruments unit that makes cable modem chips, which it intends to combine with its own processors for smarter modems and cable set-top boxes.
Nokia in $200 million modem deal with Renesas
HELSINKI - Nokia Corp. says it will sell its wireless modem business to Renesas Electronics Corp.
China says it will keep blocking online content
BEIJING - China vowed Tuesday to keep a tight grip on the Internet, saying it would continue to block anything considered subversive or threatening to "national unity." The "white paper" statement of government policy was released three months after a public dispute over censorship prompted Google Inc.
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