Data Center

Schwarzenegger to Mandate California IT Reform
California Gov, Arnold Schwarzenegger mandates an executive order to consolidate data centers and improve IT infrastructure to create more efficient and cost-effective IT operations.
How Data Centers Handling Cyber Terrorism
Jill Eckhaus , chief executive, AFCOM, the leading association of data center management professionals, said that today's IT managers are facing big challenges about how to handle cyberterrorism.
Oracle and Sun to Produce Hardware and Software Jointly for Data Center
Oracle chief Larry Ellison remarked after making all of the formalities to buy Sun Microsystem that the combined company is going to produce everything from semiconductors and operating systems to computer servers, databases and accounting software for the use of Data Centers.
A Close Look at Cisco Unfied Service Delivery Architecture for Cloud Services
Cisco Unified Service Delivery provides service providers like you with the technologies to fully integrate, secure and virtualize their service delivery infrastructures in an unique way.
SUN Announced an Alliance with Emerson for Data Center Technology
SUN Microsystem, the computer hardware and software vendor made an announcement with Emerson, an Electrical product Manufacturing company that they will collaborate each other in terms of business technology for further improvement of energy efficient data centers.
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