How To Clean Your Linux Boot Menu With Automated Bash Files
The Ubintu/Linux boot menu after using the same installation for many times would look incredibly messy with entries of older Linux kernels remaining active.
Top 5 Best Popular Linux Distributions
Interestingly, a large number of Linux distributions are available, may be cause it comes free of cost and there are a lot of unique reasons to like them.
How to Make Wine Apps Match Your GTK Theme
I always believed that the concept of Wine somewhat defeats the purpose of a Linux as an open source operating system.
How to Turn an Old Computer into Web server
What could be the best use of your old computer? Before it is rendered completely dysfunctional, you can turn it into a file server, game server, arcade console or anything for your use.

Following the grand releases of Snow leopard and Windows 7 the latest Linux distribution - Ubuntu 9.10, or Karmic Koala made its debut recently.
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