SHENZHEN, China - Warren Buffett's backing gave Chinese battery and automaking tycoon Wang Chuanfu a huge boost, and on paper represents at least a six-fold return on the investment.
Automakers tweak midsize cars to boost gas mileage
DETROIT - To improve gas mileage, automakers are tweaking cars and trucks between model years, especially in the cost-conscious and popular market for midsize sedans.

WASHINGTON - Could a blind person drive a car? Researchers are trying to make that far-flung notion a reality.

DEARBORN, Mich. - Ford Motor Co.
Senate committee approves auto safety upgrades
WASHINGTON - A Senate committee Wednesday approved a bill that would require automakers to meet new safety standards, impose stiff penalties for companies that fail to quickly report defects and double funding for the government agency overseeing car safety.
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