11 Easy and effective Ways to do business through facebook
Facebook, besides being the one step solution to entertainment and social networking, also comes with a multitude of advertising opportunities for big businesses, entrepreneurs and even independent artists and freelancers.
UK’s oldest Twitter user is a 103yr old woman
LONDON - While most ladies her age prefer to sit quietly, 103-year-old English lady Ivy Bean loves to Twitter, something that has made her the oldest user of the social networking site.
Phoenix-area mother helps bust Ecstasy ring
PHOENIX - Police are crediting a Phoenix-area mother's tip for the dismantling of an drug ring that even had a price list posted on MySpace.

LONDON - A pub landlady is all set to make a 'Royal' deal by auctioning Camilla's throne - a toilet seat used by the Duchess of Cornwall - on eBay.
Built-in ‘facial barcodes’ help us recognise people
LONDON - Natural 'barcodes' of information, built into human faces for recognition of other people, may also help improve face recognition software, according to a study.Faces convey a vast range of information about people, including their gender, age and mood.
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