Top 5 Midrange Processors for Home Computing
Both Intel and AMD invested heavily in new architecture of low cost computing.
Intel to Unveil new Chipset, Sandy Bridge Next Week
Intel will launch its new chipset, codenamed Sandy Bridge with built-in graphics at its Developer Forum conference in San Francisco next week.
IBM Plans to Ship World’s Fastest Processor in September
IBM recently announced zEnterprise mainframe computer , powered by z196 processors which will provide record breaking speed.
Kingston Announced its First Water-cooled Memory
Kingston released yesterday first water cooled DDR3 memory.HyperX H2O DDR3 line features three products: two 4GB dual-channel kits with 2000MHz and 2133MHz frequencies, respectively; and a 6GB triple-channel kit running at 2000MHz.
Intel to Launch New Desktop Processors with Lower Prices
The exciting news is the new six-core Core i7-970, which Intel is going to sell for $885 sometime this month.Additionally, there's a big price cut for the Core i7-950 which is supposed to be launched in August - from $562 to $294.
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