Kingston Announced its First Water-cooled Memory

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, August 4, 2010

mem Kingston released yesterday first water cooled DDR3 memory. HyperX H2O  DDR3 line features three products: two 4GB dual-channel kits with 2000MHz and 2133MHz frequencies, respectively; and a 6GB triple-channel kit running at 2000MHz. The starting price for water cooled memory is $157 for 4 GB module and it goes all the way up to $235 for 6 GB module.

The senior technology manager, Mr Takunoff for Kingston said that Water- cooled technology is used for quiet and reliable operation. Kingston performed  Thermo photography tests on these memory and it shows that the water-cooled DRAM ran continuously 10 degrees to 14 degrees cooler than air-cooled modules, he said. Kingston is targeting its water-cooled RAM for high-end “extreme” PC users  who build their own systems. He also said those high-end users would like water-cooled CPUs and graphics cards.

Some people also like the look of the water cooled memory. Takunoff  added that it won’t overheat the memory card regardless of  the fact  how much you overlock the CPU. Kingston also announced that it changed HyperX DDR3 module to “Genesis.” The company now sells its Genesis air-cooled module, its entry-level Blu DDR3 line and the LoVo, low-voltage memory board.

“Realistically, the memory doesn’t reach its limit of 85 degrees centragrade. It really wouldn’t get beyond 65 degrees,” he said.

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