FBI Allegedly Spying On the Internet Population Since The 90’s
Internet,FBI In a shocking revelation it is being reported that FBI had planted a "number of backdoors" inside OpenBSD's IPSEC (Internet Protocol Security) stack, its a stack used by major sites around the world.
Is USA Loosing Data in Cyber War?
As per US defense official, US is loosing enough data to fill Library of Congress and authorities have failed to anticipate the threat before.
Row over Pornographic Images on Wikimedia
The dispute over sexually explicit content escalated on the web for Wikimedia sites.
Your Next Facebook Friend may be An FBI Agent
According to the revelation by Electronic Frontier Foundation last week, an FBI or Federal Agent can make friendship with you at Twitter or Facebook to gather more information about crime investigations.

Only four days after escaping from a federal minimum-security prison in Florence, Colorado "Spam King" Eddie Davidson, 35, killed his wife, baby daughter and finally himself.
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