Firefox 3

Download Firefox 3.5 - Faster and safer way to surf the internet
A new version of the Internet browser Firefox was released Tuesday, offering users more speed and privacy and greater compliance with new Internet video standards.
about:me, Next Gen Firefox Add-on  launched
The next version of Firefox, better named as Firefox 3.6 comes with an interesting and handy feature called about: me.
Safari browser 4 unveiled in WWDC: Features List and First Look
Amid all other big announcement WWDC, Apple launched the public version of Safari 4.With the new improvements Safari is now a serious browser for Windows and its Mac version has also improved.
5 Beautiful Firefox Themes
Now that you have moved to firefox 3, you must be looking for an appealing Firefox theme that gets you going.
How To Stop Firefox From Blocking Sites Suspected of Forgery or Attack
Firefox 3 onwards has a nice feature which warns you of sites which are suspected of forgery or attacks (through trojans, malware etc.).
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