5 Beautiful Firefox Themes

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, May 5, 2009

firefox-add-onsNow that you have moved to firefox 3, you must be looking for an appealing Firefox theme that gets you going. Then there are those who are still sticking to the default Firefox theme. It’s a fact that most us are never bothered about hordes of Firefox theme available on the Mozilla site. Well, with the new theme your browser would look glamorous and you would have an entirely different browsing experience  like never before. Obviously, it’s tough to choose a single theme out of so many choices. To reduce your hassle and help you out with the selection, we have aggregated a list of top 5 firefox theme.

1. NASA Night Launch


It’s an interesting pick to kick off the top 5 themes. This can be an ideal theme for aspiring space buffs. This polished dark theme goes perfectly with the in-vogue firefox themes. What’s most appealing is the shuttle image that launches off when the page is loading. The entire theme revolves around satellite imagery. That’s a fantastic work reminding of the STS-116 mission.


2. Redshift V2

This firefox theme slides to the darker hues, lending an awsome look in black and red. This can be a typical choice for those in love with goths and 2 Fast 2 Furious racing buffs. It gives a feel of aesthetic pleasure with advanced program.


3. iFox Graphite 3.0.3


This firefox theme with look beautiful with a light background. It’s a simple and elegant theme, pleasure to eyes and doesn’t interfere with your work unlike most other themes.


4.   Blue Ice 2.1

It’s an enhanced version of Blue Ice theme. This theme features a large, frosty toolbar icons and tweaks. It offers more consistent cross-browser theme colors as well as a stylized menu/progress bar.


5. PitchDark for Firefox 3.0.4

It’s a firefox theme in black hues emphasizing on appearance and  usability. It maximizes screen real estate by featuring a small toolbar and small icons. This can be a ideal choice for those who do a lot of reading and movie watching.



July 12, 2010: 12:13 am

Seriously? these themes are ugly. Firefox is pretty cool, but it has very few nice (pleasent to look at) themes. Seriously. not nice…

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