Why Hackers Love iPhone and iPad?
The good part of using Mac is that you don't have to deal with viruses, adware, trojans and malware that hackers may be injecting using windows operating system.
Web Attack Knows a Person’s Home
According to a security Expert, infected web site can redirect an attacker to a person's home if he visits the web site at least once.
How Data Centers Handling Cyber Terrorism
Jill Eckhaus , chief executive, AFCOM, the leading association of data center management professionals, said that today's IT managers are facing big challenges about how to handle cyberterrorism.
Facebook and Twitter are Popular among Hackers and Thieves
IT security firm Sophos revealed Monday in its Security Threat 2010 that Facebook and Tweeter are not only for social networker, it is extensively used by cybercriminals.
Is a Cracker a Hacker?
Now how many of you have ever know who is a cracker.
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