Why Hackers Love iPhone and iPad?

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Thursday, August 12, 2010

hacker The good part of using Mac is that you don’t have to deal with viruses, adware, trojans and malware that hackers may be injecting using windows operating system. That doesn’t mean that Mac is not vulnerable. Hackers usually go for those devices that are used by most of the people or where their chances are greater that someone will click on the bad link or open the bad attachment.

Now, hackers are targeting iOS because this operating system is used by the most popular gadget, Apple’s iphone and iPad. They are targeting those users who are naive about the vulnerabilities of Mobile world. Recently, Gizmodo published a report about a security violation in iOS products that occurs through PDF files and the Web pages that load through the Safari browser. Gizmodo said that the vulnerability is easily exploitable. This way the unsuspecting users can give total control of their iPhones, iPod Touches or iPads to hackers. The report says:

It just requires the user to visit a web address using Safari. The web site can automatically load a simple PDF document, which contains a font that hides a special program. When your iOS device tries to display the PDF file, that font causes something called stack overflow, a technical condition that allows the secret ninja code inside the font to gain complete control of your device. The result is that, without any user intervention whatsoever, that program can do whatever it wants inside your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Anything you can imagine: Delete files, transmit files, install programs running on the background that can monitor your actions… anything can be done.

The company is very boastful about the number of sales of iPad and iPhone which are in millions. In fact, iPad has given Apple a huge boost in the market of tablet computer and competitors are also targeting for iPhone because it has good market share. However, competitors are not only targeting Apple device, hackers are also eying for it. The Gizmodo post also mentioned about a product that warns users when dangerous PDFs are about to be installed. But, that requires  to jailbreak your device, which is going to void your warranty. It also notes that Apple didn’t yet responded to its inquiries about this particular vulnerability.

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