ISLAMABAD - The WikiLeaks-Assange episode indicates that the 'backwardness' of underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, which was called 'retrogressive' for banning social networking site 'Facebook', has now spread to the developed world, an editorial in a Pakistani newspaper has said.

ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan government has reportedly formed a high-level investigation team to check the hacking of several government websites allegedly by the 'Indian Cyber Army'.

ISLAMABAD - A group of Pakistani hackers going by the name of 'Predators PK' have hacked 270 Indian websites, including that of the Central Bureau of Investigation.

ISLAMABAD - Engineers of the Pakistani Information Technology successfully launched a social networking website based on the pattern of Facebook.

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has put sites such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Hot Mail and You Tube under observation for displaying blasphemous content besides banning 17 other websites deemed offensive to Muslims.
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