Pak cyber army hacks 270 Indian websites, including that of CBI

Saturday, December 4, 2010

ISLAMABAD - A group of Pakistani hackers going by the name of ‘Predators PK’ have hacked 270 Indian websites, including that of the Central Bureau of Investigation.

“This Is A Result Of What You People Did on 26/11/2010,” Predators PK wrote on the hacked Indian websites, claiming that they did so in retaliation against the recent cyber attacks on Pakistani sites carried out by the Indian Cyber Army (ICA).

The hackers’ modus operandi was similar to the ICA attack, with pages developed by the hackers being inserted onto Indian servers and sites being hacked to root level, The Express Tribune reported.

While the ICA had focused on hacking government websites, Predators PK focused on India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (, college websites, NGOs, Indian companies and firms and religious sites among others, hacking them on Friday night.

While some of the sites appeared damaged, a majority of them were still functional, hosting the page inserted by the hackers.

Unlike the ICA attack which was cited as ‘revenge for 26/11′, the page inserted by Pakistani hackers did not suggest ideological motivations, but simply revenge.

The principal message by a hacker going by the handle, HEX786 read: “This is just a warning to all script kiddies Indians hackers. Stop being noobs and defacing Pakistani websites, don’t prove us to do something. Your security was good but we like breaking it!”

HEX786 also commented on the newspaper’s website, stating: “Before this govt web sites defacement Pakistani hacker hacked in 1200 Indians web sites. We hacked BJP website, Nehor web site, 5 top Hackers forums. Indians Media Web sites all site on the Record in Google. We R (are) already fighting (the) cyber war the Indians started against Pakistan… it’s our gov (government’s) weakness they have hosted websites on cheap web servers.”

“All Pakistani nation should understand Pakistani hackers are a big power on the Internet. Now the Pakistani government should strictly protect their sites. We had told them the same day when the problem was created… Pakistani people should not worry because Pakistani Hackers (are) alive,” the hacker added.

HEX786 concluded the message on the hacked Indian websites with “Pakistan Zindabad”. (ANI)

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