Oracle VS SAP Trial Begins Over TomorrowNow
SAP has decided at the last moment that it will not contest Oracle's claim about the copyright infringement by TomorrowNow, and the company further admitted that TomorrowNow did commit wrongdoing. The confession will lower the duration of the trial.
YouTube Sued for Defamatory Video
A Toronto cop sued Google for $1.2 million damage because he was ridiculed after videos of his actions during the G-20 summit here in June were posted on YouTube.
US Dept of Justice to Sue Oracle for Overcharging Claims
The US Justice dept is due to file a lawsuit that claims Oracle overcharged the federal government millions of dollars because the company failed to offer the Fed Govt the same heavy discounts that it offers commercial customers.
Nokia Sued Apple for Patent Violation Over iPad
Nokia sued Apple at Federal District Court in Wisconsin due to the fact that both iPad and iPhone violated five patents that was held by the electronics company.
Microsoft’s Lawsuit Against click fraud Scam
In a recent event, software major Microsoft Corp has filed a lawsuit against three individuals based in Vancouver, accusing them of breaching Microsoft's adCenter contract through a click fraud to make profit. The suite was filed in a U.S.
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