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UAE says BlackBerry ban will affect visitors too
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - The United Arab Emirates' looming crackdown on BlackBerry services will extend to foreign visitors using roaming, putting the government's concerns over the smart phones in direct conflict its ambitions to be a business and tourism haven.
UAE to block many BlackBerry services in October
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - The United Arab Emirates said Sunday it plans to block some messaging and Web services on BlackBerry smart phones, days after it warned the device could pose a potential threat to national security and social values.

NEW YORK - It's a maxim of technology: Invent the newest gadget and the porn industry will find a way to cash in.
Top 10 VoIP services for Mobile Phones: Save money calling landlines and mobiles abroad
Are you looking for ways to minimize the cost of your mobile calls? With the emergence of newer means of communication, you have some cool options to cut down your mobile communication costs.
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