How to make Case-Sensitive Search in MySQL for a Particular Field / Column?
Databases in MySQL are known to correspond to directories within the data directory.
How to to Set the Collation for the Table (or column) to be either Binary or Case-Sensitive?
First thing first, you need to check out with the available collations in the system.
How to ALTER a Table to make it Case-Sensitive in MySQL?
ALTER TABLE enables you to change the structure of an existing table.
How to CREATE a Case-Sensitive Table in MySQL?
MySQL creates new columns for all elements in the SELECT.
Oracle and Sun to Produce Hardware and Software Jointly for Data Center
Oracle chief Larry Ellison remarked after making all of the formalities to buy Sun Microsystem that the combined company is going to produce everything from semiconductors and operating systems to computer servers, databases and accounting software for the use of Data Centers.
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