WARSAW, Poland - The Auschwitz memorial in Poland says it has obtained around 150 medical instruments believed to have been used by the Nazis in experiments on the death camp inmates.

NEW YORK - A federal appeals court judge from Illinois testified Wednesday that he felt threatened by a New Jersey blogger's inflammatory Internet tirades over a ruling supporting gun control.
Google has censorship balancing act outside China
SAN FRANCISCO - Google Inc. didn't stop wrangling with censorship when the company moved its search engine out of mainland China to shed its restraints on what can be shown on the Internet.
Facebook a virtual memorial site for World War II
WARSAW, Poland - Henio Zytomirski's Facebook profile picture stands out from most.

WARSAW, Poland - To try to reach young people around the world, the memorial museum at Auschwitz has launched a page on Facebook, the social networking site usually home to news and photos about friends, funny videos and the minutiae of modern life.
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