Barnes & Noble To Open Nook Boutiques
SAN FRANCISCO ( Barnes & Noble is in a mood to expand and promote its e-reader, Nook to the people of United States.
Amazon cuts Kindle price to $189 after Nook move
NEW YORK - A price war is heating up in the electronic reader market, as Amazon cut the price of its Kindle e-reader below $200 Monday just after Barnes & Noble did the same with its competing Nook device.

NEW YORK - Barnes & Noble cut the price on its original Nook electronic reader, undercutting its chief competitor,'s Kindle, and will also offer a lower-price Nook with a Wi-Fi connection.
Barnes & Noble e-reader to offer web browser
NEW YORK - Barnes & Noble plans to roll out a software update to its electronic reader the Nook that will let users surf the Web and play games.

MINNEAPOLIS - Target Corp. says it will sell Amazon's e-reader Kindle in select stores beginning in April.
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