Top 10 Useful Safari Plugins For MAC Users
When it comes to web browser, people always go for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera etc.
Opera to Add Powerful Features in the Upcoming Version
The Web Browser company Opera announced some of the interesting features before the release of the upcoming version, Opera 11 Alpha at its recently held conference in Oslo.
Microsoft to offer Browser Choice to Europeans From Mar 1
As part of the recent deal between Microsoft and European Commission, the software giant will ask the European people what browser they are willing to install.
Opera Password Recovery 5.0.2 - A preview
Though in this on going battle of Firefox and Google Chrome, Opera has never lost its own position.
Battle of Browsers - Who Goes Ahead? Firefox/ IE or Opera
While Matt used it for his blog to get a stat of the browsers from which people are visiting his blog, we thought of experimenting with ours too.
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