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China wants telecom companies to inform on clients
BEIJING - China is poised to strengthen a law to require telecommunications and Internet companies to inform on customers who discuss state secrets, potentially forcing businesses to collaborate with the country's vast security apparatus that stifles political dissent.
China rejects claims of Internet hacking attacks
BEIJING - China sharply rebuked the United States on Monday, denying involvement in any Internet attacks and defending its online restrictions as lawful after Washington urged Beijing to investigate an attack against Google.
Foreign reporters' Google e-mail hacked in China
BEIJING - International journalists in China said Monday that their Google e-mail accounts have been hacked in attacks similar to the ones against human rights activists that the search giant cited as a reason for considering pulling out of the country.
China tries to limit Google dispute fallout
BEIJING - China tried Friday to keep its censorship row with Google from damaging business confidence or ties with Washington, promising good conditions for foreign investors but giving no sign it might relax Internet controls.
China's response to Google threat: 'Obey the law'
SAN FRANCISCO - China's government gave little indication Thursday that it's willing to loosen its control over Internet search results, pushing Google Inc.
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