Secret Life of Young Model for Adult Portal Revealed
CIOL (Cyber India On Line) broke out this interesting story about adult website that I would like to share with you.
Twitter Worm Sends Users to Porn Site
A worm, designed by Magnus Holm, a Norwegian hacker created havoc at the social networking site because users are swamped by pop up messages and pornographic site.
Craigslist Adult Services Asked to Close Worldwide
Craigslist announced on Monday that it is shutting down its 'Adult Services' here in the States. In a statement on Tuesday, a group of four human rights groups admired that the site has dropped the section in the U.S., but said it needs to go much further and close the adult or "erotic" pages available on the site outside the countries.
So Africa to Plan Porn Ban on Net and Mobile
South African Govt is planning to ban digitally distributed pornography.
Row over Pornographic Images on Wikimedia
The dispute over sexually explicit content escalated on the web for Wikimedia sites.
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