SOA is the Key for Success for Outperforming Companies: IBM
According to the new study by the IBM Institute for Business Value, if you look behind the scene of a successfully performing company, chances are high that you will find a Service Oriented architecture approach for Business Technology.
Five tips for IT Managers to Manage the Economic Downturn
Intelliden Inc., a networking solution provider has briefed 5 key strategies that can help both the network and technology manager to monitor the current economic downturn and strategize such a way that the company performs better during economic upturn.
Review of Liferay Open Source Enterprise Portal
Overview: Liferay is a leading Collaborative as well as Intranet open source Portals solutions system that comes with many other applications.
Cloud Computing: An Overview and the Future Direction
Overview: Cloud computing is about moving services, computation and/or data to an off-site to an internal or external, location-independent, centralized facility for the purpose of business and cost advantage.
How IT Sector Can Leverage Technology to Come Out of Recession
As per George Colony, chief executive of consultancy firm Forrester Research, firms are using new technological innovation to come out of economic recession.
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