SOA is the Key for Success for Outperforming Companies: IBM

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Saturday, May 15, 2010

soa According to the new study by the IBM Institute for Business Value, if you look behind the scene of a successfully performing company, chances are high that you will find a Service Oriented architecture approach for Business Technology. Outperforming companies have nine times more likely a service-oriented architecture in place, and two to three times more likely to have other collaborative technology strategies, such as Business Analytics.

IBM conducted the survey on 275 senior executives and the survey also concludes that leading organizations use smarter business model like employing analytics, business activity monitoring, service oriented architecture, and collaborative spaces.  The survey defines the “Outperformers” who reported that their companies are outperforming their peers and they are 16% of the total sample. The outperforming companies have the following practices in place:

  • They are twice more likely to identify the business need and develop the skills within the organization.
  • They concentrate more on embedding collaborative capabilities within processes to improve the speed and quality of their decisions. Those organizations also enable the users to rate and comment on the information that they are using. They also make sure that key stakeholders can understand from the business process documentation.
  • Additionally, those companies are  using real-time information for decision making 2.6 times more than  other organizations.

The survey further continued that while 70 percent have implemented analytics and data visualization technologies in some areas, they are not yet taking full advantage of process automation and service-oriented architecture which can help them improve business model.

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