St. Louis

ST. LOUIS - Perhaps Sam Bradford's lone non-football outlet these days, his get-away-from-it-all sanctuary, is video games.

Boeing is buying combat engineering firm Argon ST for about $775 million, reflecting a shift by defense contractors seeking to accommodate a Pentagon that now wants high-tech intelligence tools as much or more than big guns and heavy armor.
Facebook's virtual farm game attracting millions
ST. LOUIS - Even while calling Chicago home, Laura Hawkins Grimes is a country bumpkin.

ST. LOUIS - A legal ruling says contracts give Monsanto the right to stop rival DuPont from selling genetically modified soybeans created with Monsanto's technology, but leaves open DuPont's challenge of the restrictions on antitrust grounds.

ST. LOUIS - Monsanto Co. said Thursday that the Justice Department has requested more information on its soybean traits business, as the government continues to look into how it grants access to certain genes used to grow the bulk of corn and soybean crops in the U.S.
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