Cloud Computing: Top 10 Benefits of Private Cloud Over Public Cloud
Private cloud (also called internal cloud or corporate cloud) is computing architecture that provides hosted services to a specific group of people behind a firewall.
60% Virtual Servers have Security Risks compared to Physical Servers
There is a caution from the analysts that many virtualization projects have been deployed without considering the information security system for the architecture design and planning.
Top 9 Security Trend for 2010
2010 is going to be the year for ongoing change.
Global Technology to Bounce Back in 2010: Forrester
As per Forrester research firm, although, the year 2009 witnessed a decline of Technology spending by 8.9%, global technology is going to rebound in the year 2010.
How IT Sector Can Leverage Technology to Come Out of Recession
As per George Colony, chief executive of consultancy firm Forrester Research, firms are using new technological innovation to come out of economic recession.
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