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Facebook Surpassed Google as the Number One WebSite for this week’s Traffic
According to Web analysis firm Experian Hitwise, Facebook, the social networking site, ranked number one as the most visited website beating Google for the week ending Mar 13.
Should Blogger or Web Site Owners Really Boycott comScore?
I wrote a postyesterday about Jason Calacanis's argumentregarding Web Analytics company comScore.
Top 10 Ways to Make your Website Faster and Increase Website Conversion
With faster access to Internet, users are flooding websites like never before. There has been an increase in features of web 2.0 sites and rich media, and customers are demanding speedier page load times and better performance.
Top 10 Site Analytics Plugins for WordPress
Are you one of those worried about the progress of your WordPress blog? Do you wanna know how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site? Well, it requires you to drill down the site analytics to get to the bottom.
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