Top 10 Site Analytics Plugins for WordPress

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, June 26, 2009

wordpress_logoAre you one of those worried about the progress of your WordPress blog? Do you wanna know how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site? Well, it requires you to drill down the site analytics to get to the bottom. With the stats right before your eyes you can guess what works and find clues on what doesn’t work.  No denying, Google Analytics is the ace, still there are others that would save you from making numerous edits to your templates to ensure that you cover all the pages. There are loads of site analytics plugins for WordPress that can help you to analyze and speculate the health of your blog. These plugins would provide you with insightful data on your blog’s traffic-graph, overview, clicks, referrers, post views, search terms and more. To make things easier for you we have deliberately picked up the top 10 site analytics plugins for WordPress.

1. Google Analytics for WordPress

This WordPress plugin for Google adds all the Google Analytics tracking code to the pages within your blog. It a feasible alternative than using javascript solutions to tagg all the outgoing links, which makes it impossible to segment the links. This plugin allows you tag and segment all the outgoing links, whether its from the comments or any article. For more, it offers the ability to track just the domain, instead of the complete link. This provides a detailed overview of how much traffic you’re sending where. In addition, the features of Google Analytics for WordPress include tracking downloads with Google analytics, tracking AdSense, tracking image search keywords and tracking original searches for Yahoo!’s Search Assistant


2. Google Analyticator


This is site analytics plugin for WordPress allows you to set up the tracking code by just knowing your tracking code number. It includes a number useful features like standard Google Analytics tracking support and external link tracking of all link on the pages. It offers a widget that is used to highlight the page including links not managed by WordPress. A unique addition supports event tracking with outbound links/downloads instead of the conventional pageview tracking methods. It allows the admin full control over the options and the ability to disable any feature.


3. Stats Plugin

This WordPress stats tracking plugin allows you to view and analyze the sites analytics and visitors statistics. The plugin provides you with information about page views per day , links clicked by visitors that brought them directly to your site, search strings used by visitors in the search engine to find your site, top post and pages, links clicked on your site by visitors, incoming links and much more.


4. Woopra Analytics Plugin


It is one of the most comprehensive, information rich, easy to use, real-time web tracking and analysis plugin. The site analytics plugin features live tracking and web stats, real-time analytics,  real-time notification, click-to-chat, visitor and member tagging. Moreover, it has a rich user interface and includes a client monitoring application.


5. Piwik

It is a basic stats tracking WordPress plugin based on Google Analytics. It allows you to add the Piwik javascript link and code to every page on your site and defines what it tracks. Piwik supports the a number of options that include piwk.php and piwik.js location, site ID, controlling download tracking and excluding the admin user.


6. GoingUP! Web Analytics


This is a advanced website traffic and visitor analytics application for WordPress. It provides a comprehensive view of entire visitor activity.
GoingUP! provides you the Google page rank on any page. It shows the popular keywords on your site with links in the popular cloud format. In addition, the plugin also features SEO tips.


7. Quantcast Quantifier

This WordPress plugin allows you to add the Quantcast statistics to all your weblog pages without any template editing.  The tracking codes can be inserted in the header or footer that speeds up the load time. It offers you complete control over the options as well as the ability to disable the unimportant features.


8.  Blog Stats by W3Counter

It integrates the W3Counter’s free web stats service to your weblog. The plugin adds a Blog Stats Dashboard on your admin area featuring the real-time usage stats for your blog.  The statistics shows the number of visitors and page views over the past 7 days, top searches, top viewed posts, top referrers and top visitor locations for your blog.


9. WP-Stats-Dashboard


This WordPress plugin highlights the stats graph directly in the Dashboard. It allows you automatic login and offers stats Dashboard Widgets for graph, overview, clicks, referrers, post views and search terms. In the overview you can watch your sites Google pagerank, Google social graph, Google backlinks,  technorati rank, alexa rank, compete rank and yahoo rank.


10. OraTransplant

In case, you are looking to track the outgoing links and links to download (like PDF documents) on your site, OraTransplant can be the right plugin. It generates a Content Drilldown report that shows all the outbound links in an outbound virtual directory. OraTransplant offers a simple configuration screen and hides the advanced/complex configuration in the Advanced Configuration mode. The All Navigation report provides the different paths to the same outbound link (featured in different blog pages).



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