Convert PDF Tables to Excel Format

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, May 19, 2009

pdftoexcelAt times you need to reuse the table with tabulated data from PDF format. Simply, you can’t work on the PDF tables as you can do with Microsoft Excel. Now, it is an up hill task to edit the data manually to get it in excel format. What if you could get the PDF tables to Excel format with just a few clicks? There is a free online conversion tool that offers a simple, hassle free way to convert the PDF tables to Excel format without loosing the original quality. The converted file can be used to work more efficiently.

This online conversion tool doesn’t require any registration or installation. Moreover, it’s easy to use to get the files converted within a few steps. Follow the steps below

Step 1:

First go to the site

Step 2:

Browse for the specific file from your local drive that you want to convert

Step 3:

Provide the email address that you want to send the converted files into

Step 4:

After the conversion is completed you will get the converted file in your specified email address. The time for conversion of file depends on the file size you want to convert.

The converted file might not retain exact appearance of the original tables. It can maintain all the important formatting including the font size, styles, colors and etc in a neat XLS format for reuse. For more you can produce output files that are compatible for working Google Docs, OpenOffice and other word processing applications.

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