How to Hack Your Computers BIOS Password

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Saturday, November 22, 2008

Suppose you have forgot the BIOS password of your computer or you are into your friend’s computer and want to give him a little shock. But the problem is the BIOS is locked with a password and you can’t find a way to enter through it.

Don’t worry. here is this old trick that will help you to hack into a BIOS system, with or without a password protection.


  1. Power off the computer and make sure that it is unplugged.
  2. Open up your computer case. Of course you need physical access to the motherboard to complete this procedure.
  3. Find a circular, (mostly) silver metallic object on the motherboard. This is the CMOS battery (lol I never knew that battery can be described in detail)

  4. Carefully remove the CMOS battery and leave it out for about 120 seconds. This will flush the CMOS memory which stores the BIOS password and all other configuration.
  5. Set the battery back into place and power on the computer.
  6. The computer should then warn you that the CMOS configuration could not be found. You can either reconfigure it yourself or restore defaults. Restoring the default configuration should be fine.
  7. You will notice that the BIOS password has been cleared and you can boot without it. You may reset the BIOS password to something else by going into the BIOS configuration and setting a new User Password (The Supervisor Password controls access to the BIOS, NOT the computer!)

and You are done!

But it works for desktops only. What if you have a laptop and you want to break through the BIOS password there? Its a bit tricky. But if you are interested, tell me and I will explain that process for you. Take care.

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July 26, 2010: 4:41 am

am using an IBM THINKPAD LAPTOP and i forgot my bios can i break into it?thank you.

March 6, 2010: 11:15 am


I have a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 laptop, with Ubuntu and the bios password locked…. in need help please..

February 27, 2010: 3:48 am

I have a Dell Inspiron mini netbook 10 with Linus and Ubuntu. I need help - cannot get in touch with the person that sold it to me - I need to figure out how to get around the username and password requested by Ubuntu when it first boots up. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you - Sherry

January 28, 2010: 2:52 am

but this trick is not working in my pc.

December 15, 2009: 9:27 am

sir thanks for ur concern over laptop issue of how to enter bios setup my case is for laptop please sir how can these be done

December 6, 2009: 12:37 am

RE: How to Hack Your Computers BIOS Password
By Angsuman ChakrabortyNovember 22nd, 2008

Hello AC, I have a Dell Inspiron 1000 Laptop. When it gets turned on it wants a password (bios). We thought you had given us the solution in this article, but got to the bottom and it said to contact you. Can you help? Thanks, Pow

October 24, 2009: 4:19 pm

i got a Dell Isnpiron 1000 laptop and i need help to bypass the bios password i bought the computer at a garage sale just so you know i didnt still it i bought it :) please can u help me

thank you

Raf Rod
October 19, 2009: 5:30 pm

Need help with a dell inspiron 1000 bios password?
Black screen with blue enter password box.
Displays 10971 after entering wrong password three times.

Dave Pyles
September 23, 2009: 10:34 pm

need to reset bios password on a Dell latitude D620 laptop

September 4, 2009: 8:04 pm

I would like to know about a laptop and I want to break through the BIOS password there? Dell Inspiron 1000 Windows XP

September 1, 2009: 9:26 pm

I have a Dell Inspiron 1000.every time I boot-up it gives me a black screen and said enter password. But I never put in a password it is not letting boot-up windows xp either. any help would be appreciated

August 24, 2009: 1:00 pm

pls is there a bios password to override the current one giving me problem on my hp compaq6720s?i’ll appreciate it if anyone could help

July 28, 2009: 12:07 pm

hi there,

Please help to explain how to bypass the BIOS password on Dell D620. I dun seem to be able to find any resources on this at all.

Thanks in advance

July 15, 2009: 2:48 pm

hi i have a latitude D620 and it has a bios password that i cant remember. kindly help me to go round it

July 6, 2009: 11:01 am

try a third party tool-windows password reset.

May 9, 2009: 2:09 pm

hi there i forget my laptob (hp compaq nx9110) bios password can somebody help me to reset the bios password plz

May 9, 2009: 1:33 pm

Hey i got this Dell latitude D620 from a family member that passed away but i can’t get passed the bios password because i don’t have it and i can’t get it. If you can help that would be great thanks.

May 7, 2009: 4:43 pm

HI, I have a Laptop Gateway MX6441 for 3 years now. When I bought it, I was trying to play “supersafe” and was trying with different password combinations; for my dismay, foolish me, the last combination which was the nicest, I didn’t memorize it well, and then, chachan, I have 2 years without changing the BIOS settings, could you help me. Thanks.

April 28, 2009: 10:11 am

Long time ago , I confronted with the similar problem. Finally , my friend Jane introduce the Windows password Reset.It help me access windows. It’s great!

April 22, 2009: 7:06 am

my friend asked me to set a pass word in bios after that by typing some letters its entered into bios how its possible tell me what i have to type there

Alexander Ogah
April 20, 2009: 8:26 pm

i forgot my dell system password and i need you to help me. the message is #JQ02X2J-595B

February 8, 2009: 1:45 am

I have a dell inspiron 1000 with bios password at boot. service tag# GH23251
i dont have access to the operating system nor cd/dvd rom.
i tried taking off the cmos battery but didn’t work.
i called dell but they said that i need to provide the previous owner information which i dont have cause i bought it from ebay.
can anybody provide me a master password?

January 24, 2009: 4:19 am

I have qunatel E10 password bios i can’t entering bios how i can hacking bios password

January 19, 2009: 11:56 am

I have an Acer TravelMate 530. It really old and can’t really run xp anymore. I wanted to put linux on it, but in order to do so want to completely wipe the harddrive first. The laptop was given to me when it was thrown out of my dads old work place. I can’t enter setup as it asks for a password and none of the ‘backdoor’ phoenix passwords work.

If u could help asap it would be much appreciated


January 19, 2009: 6:34 am

i want to know that how to hack the computers and how to break the bios password of a laptop . please tell me . thank you very much.

January 9, 2009: 2:54 pm

I have a Toshiba M35-S359 laptop that all of the sudden started asking for a password. It doesn’t look like the normal DOS PASSWORD screen. I looks like a windos screen and says “enter your bios password”. But I can’t get to bios or boot menu. Any way to clear this?
Dennis Schaffer

January 9, 2009: 11:37 am

hi,i want to learn the hacking of password such as yahoo password what is the procedure plz send me mail.

January 5, 2009: 8:54 pm

Hey i need to know how ot clear the pass on my dell laptop its a dell latitude d620

godwin irabor
December 18, 2008: 6:12 am

i have a laptop and i need to hack into the bios password

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